Mapogo-content-area-pic-master-training2 At Mapogo A Mathamaga, we take great pride in our employees, they are, after all, our greatest assets. Each individual is trained in his or her field of expertise. This begins in the field (on the job training) and continues through our facility training classes. Classes include correct methods of installation (security systems), on the job safety procedures and how to interact with the customer in a professional manner. Safety training includes the safety of our workers and the safety of the customer's employees. Each employee respects the high standards we maintain, and perform their duties diligently and professionally, without exception.

Furthermore, with the assistance of specialist trainers - who are qualified in the fields of fire, first aid and aggression awareness, individual staff members are encouraged and supported to excel in their chosen path of employment. This we feel provides value, gives meaning, purpose and advancement to, and in the career they are engaged in.

We also have a site specific, induction program that covers the following:

  • Roles and responsibilities of a security officer
  • Patrolling
  • Access Control
  • Security and Emergency Systems
  • Health and Safety
  • The Law
  • Emergencies
  • Customer Care and Social Skills
  • Communications and Reporting

Human Resources

The successes of Mapogo A Mathamaga are based on strong HR practices, which not only comply with all applicable legislation, but also ensure that each employee is managed professionally, and equipped through advanced training to exceed the industry standards. Remuneration packages provide for performance incentives and allowances which ensure our personnel are extremely well remunerated in comparison to other service providers in the industry. We believe in development of people to achieve growth and in bettering themselves, thus enabling them to better provide for their family.

Employee Benefits

Adherences to legislative requirements are non-negotiable and include the following:
  • Basic Salary
  • Annual Bonus
  • Annual Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Provident Fund
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