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Eyes on site with off-site security CCTV surveillance and video recording

Mapogo a Mathamaga is proud to announce a new era of off-site security CCTV surveillance and video recording. Our use of the globally recognised AV Tech CCTV monitoring technologies, now gives you, your home and your business the means to proactively identify security threats before they happen, to immediately alert you and your armed security company, to take appropriate action. You can view your premises before or after you enter, do visual scans while on, or off-site and verify if any intrusions or alerts are of a critical nature.

This is done in real time transmission via:

  • Video over secure wireless or cable IP
  • Text and/or video clip notification
  • Monitoring from your mobile device or laptop computer
  • Monitoring by Mapogo a Mathamaga at our site control room
  • Via motion enabled cameras in positions of your choosing
  • Via motion trigger detection
  • Via beam trigger detection
  • Via login trigger attempts
  • Via sensored trigger events
  • A two-stage authentication process
  • Via anti-hacking and anti-cyber attack protocols
  • Via anti-tampering of cameras

Apart from these prime benefits, our security CCTV surveillance and video recording is also packed full of features to ensure compatibility, maintenance and other aspects such as listed below:

  • Crystal clear HD imagery with zoom and premium compression
  • Enterprise/business or residential scale solutions
  • Monitoring of required maintenance on the network system
  • Video loss, hard drive and network status
  • Backward compatibility with most DVR and camera technologies
  • Full redundancy (hybrid systems)
  • Access Privileges and sharing
  • Smart recording with search, playback and real-time backup
  • Easy, quick installation
  • Seamless recording with failover to on-camera SD card and portioned server
  • Gate-keeping for access control to specific areas or rooms
  • 30 day recording options available

Cost savings, guarding, the human factor and warranty

You can save between 30 and 50% on your month-to month guarding costs with our security CCTV surveillance and video recording. Avoid "Inside jobs" due to the human element and install as many cameras as you require at any location that has a cable or wireless internet connection. Ensure you have eyes on your home and business 24/7 - Without having to oversee or manage human errors. We also offer 3 year warranty on our AV Tech surveillance products.

Contact us on 010 492 4321 to discuss your security requirements, or email us by clicking here.

Some of the projects/clients AV Tech have covered:

  • Luxury Hotel, Hannover, Germany
  • Palladium Mall, Iran
  • The National Museum, South Taiwan
  • Exxon Mobi Gas Station Chain, Singapore
  • A Resort Constuction Site, Bali
  • Twin Royal Pagodas, Thailand
  • A 550-Store Retail Enterprise, Thailand
  • San Beda College, Philippines
  • Maechan Police Station, Vietnam
  • Chiangrai Plastic Packaging Factory, Thaiwan
  • An Academic Institute, New Zealand

And many more, click here to view

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